Our Blind Horses

Often people will adopt partial blind horses but will not adopt fully blind horses due to the stigma.

We do not allow out of state to adoptions

We require to do home visit and reference checks.

Adopt, Foster to Adopt, On-site Leasing, Boarding and Sponsoring Options

Please email at hocrose@gmail.com for more information.

Some of our horses are ready for forever home and some are looking for sponsors.

Reba   8 years old Quarter mare

HOC Rose Arrival:  August 2021

Reba's Story: Previous Owner purchased Reba and had her for six months before she started showing some vision issues. They took her to vet many times in hopes of saving her vision and tried all the medications for 2 years.  Reba vision continued to get worse.

Blind Information: Right eye fully blind in March/April 2020.  Vision in left eye is down to 40%.  She was diagnosed with Poor Vulvar Conformation and had caslicks procedure performed.

SInce being here for more than a year, We do not see any changes with her vision. Her vision seems unchanged since her arrival.  She can be alittle spooky on left side if she did not expect something.

Reba is a diva mare at top of totem pole. She would do well with another sighted or a partial blind horse but would not recommend her to be with other blind horse with no vision.   She likes her space when in paddock but does well in pasture with other horses.  She is usually ready and happy to come into her paddock after 2-3 hours on pasture.  She hates it when the flies bothers her.  Another important thing to know about her is she has phobia of needles. We are currently working with her on this.  

She does not act like she is blind when she is on pasture.  She may be spooky while being ridden.  She requires advanced experience rider.          

Reba has a sponsor.  

Daisy   Paint mare  (approx 20 years old?)

HOC Rose Arrival: August 2020

Daisy's story: No real information on Daisy. Former Owner got her from an estate auction and she didn't have a name so he named her Daisy. soon after bringing Daisy home, the owner was in a motorcycle accident so he was unable to work with her.

Blind Information: Blind in both eyes- Uveitis (Moon Blindness) She can see through corner of her eyes. She tilts her head to see what she can see. 

Daisy was at Daybreak Ranch with the Blind Horse Trainer Jessyka Harding for almost 2 years. We sent her there in October 2021 get her trained under saddle.  Daisy has the sweetest personality.  She is now ready to go to a forever home.  She would be best for advanced beginner-Intermediate rider as she needs more miles.  

Daisy has a sponsor 

Daisy is avilable for adoption


Sunny:  Palamino Mare

HOC Rose Arrival:  Feb 2022

Sunny is blind in one eye.  She was used for 4H events.   Her hard riding days are over. She would be best for advanced beginner-Intermediate and She has this "One person horse" personality.

She would be best for a experienced horse person who wants to ride in pasture from time to time for 15 to 20 minutes at max. Retirement home. She will require to wear horseshoes because of her ring bone especially in back forces her to walk in a way without support that wears down insides of her hooves too fast and puts her at bad angle. The metal horseshoe keeps her from wearing it down so much.  No horseshoes required if no riding. Sunny just had one eye enucleation done in Feb of 2024.

 She is available as companion horse to right home. Her 2nd eye is becoming blind

Sunny has a sponsor


CAMI-   approx.12 years old Red Roan Quarter Mare

HOC Rose Arrival- Transferred from Oats Rescue in October 2016

Cami's Story: Cami was at a auction at a young age. Two rescues joined together and rescued her. She was adopted and returned several times. Right eye was infected and taken out, left eye developed glaucoma and no one wants a fully blind horse.

(Kari was fostering Cami and some horses for Oats Rescue before she started HOC Rose Sanctuary Rescue)

Blind Information: Right eye thru injury/infection, left eye is glaucoma. She barely can see yet she runs.

Cami is having hard time accepting being blind. She can be seen having anxiety at times.  For that reason, Cami will not be adopted out.

Cami will be living her life at HOC Rose Sanctuary Rescue. 

Cami has a sponsor.


SUNNY   approx. 20 years old Cremello Appoloosa mix Mare

HOC Rose Arrival: October 2016

Sunny's Story: Sunny was a trail horse for a little boy. Her previous owners had her for years then gave to a fiend who had Sunny for a short time who then noticed Sunny's vision issues. The vet determined Sunny is blind in both eyes. The previous owner and friend together decided to find her a new home and found us.

Blind Information: Uvetitis (Moon Blindness) and Cataracts in both eyes- very painful. Had double enucleation in summer of 2018.

Enucleation is the procedure that involves removal of the entire globe and its intraocular contents, with preservation of all other periorbital and ortibal      structures.

Recent diagnosed Navicular disease in June of 2020. Sunny also has arthritis in her hips. 

Sunny will be living her life at HOC Rose.

Sunny has a sponsor.

OLIVER  20 years old Quarter Horse gelding

HOC Rose Arrival:  October 2017

Oliver's Story: Previous owner only had him for one year. She bought him from someone who raised him. She thinks the previous owner knew he was blind when he sold him to her. Previous owner stopped riding him because 'spooky".

Blind Information: Left eye was Uveitis- removed summer of 2019.  Right eye Cataract. That eye is getting worse.

Oliver is a sweet horse who likes attention and will play with anything that is left in his reach. (example: jacket or item left on ground or on fence within his reach)

He is very scared of dominant horses. He will run away from drama.

We are monitoring his remaining good eye that is blind. It has started to bother him like the other eye did. We are still working with him.   He may need to live his life at HOC Rose. 

 Oliver has a sponsor and will be living his life at HOC Rose



HOC Rose Arrival: July 2022

21 years old Appalossa Gelding. Fully blind in both eyes.  We currently are learning about what he knows and doesnt know.  We also are getting him updated on dental and vaccinations.  He is a very sweet horse.

He has no vision at all. By looking at his eyes, it looks like he can see but he can not see at all. NONE.  

He is just a sweet horse who wants to trust you.   

We are still learning more about Woody.  


WOODY has a sponsor.




Spirit:  Quarter Dun Colt   (DOB 5-4-22)

HOC Rose Arrival: September 2022

Spirit was born blind. Both eyes did not fully develop. Since arrival at HOC Rose, Spirit has had double enucleation surgery done.  Spirit just had his castration surgery 5/23/23. 

We will be working with him until we feel he is ready for his forever home.


Spirit has a sponsor.