HOC Rose Sanctuary Rescue (HOC Rose), established in 2016, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, located in Stacy, Minnesota. We are a long-term care facility that is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of blind horses. Our incredible blind horses have overcome many hurdles in life, but due to the stigma of being blind, are difficult to adopt. Through our many years of experience we have been able to offer blind horse mentoring, and share valuable knowledge and tools with the horse community on how to properly care for and love all blind horses.

Together we can advocate and be the voice for all the blind horses.

Blind Horses can still have the same wonderful life as any other seeing horses if given the chance to learn to cope, adjust and thrive as a blind horse.

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Your donation will go toward to those (emergency vet expenses, annual vaccinations, annual dental, farrier trims, grain, hay, fly/eye protection masks, fly boots, winter blankets and much more)
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Blind Horse Owner's Story

HOC Rose started collecting stories told by those horse owners who discovered their horse is blind. Their stories are told in their own words. Sharing your stories is our most powerful tool in sharing awareness of blind horses. If you have a blind horse, Please consider sharing your story. The more stories we can share then more people will realize  it is a very common and not a rare occurence. Each one of us started knowing nothing about blind horses and we learned as we went along. If we can, so can anyone. Horses become blind in different ways: genetic predisposition, injury, eye diseases, or from natural aging process. We post the stories in several Facebook groups

Please email your Blind Horse Owner’s Story (photo/video/story) to hocrose@gmail.com

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HOC Rose Blind Horse Sanctuary Rescue

3rd Annual 5K Fun Run
Hoof It for the Horses

  September 18, 2022

Registration is closed now.  We are thinking of moving the event to different month. We are thinking of having it in May 2023

What do you think we will add onto our shirt for next year?!  (4th Annual)  any guesses?

1st year was the original design

2nd year  -tree   

3rd year- horseshoe

Stacy, MN: HOC Rose Blind Horse Rescue Sanctuary (HOC Rose) invite each one of you to participate in our Third Annual 5K called “Hoof It for the Horses” on Sunday September 18, 2022.

This year for the 3rd Annual 5K Fun Run, It will be a virtual event. Commemorative t-shirts are available.  Register and order shirts by August 14th to guarantee t-shirt delivery in time for the event.  This is our main fundraisier event to raise funds to purchase winter hay for 2022-2023 fall-winter season. We need to raise $8000 to provide enough hay for all the horses currently in our sanctuary rescue.

Please contact HOC Rose through our email address for any questions or donations at hocrose@gmail.com.